You're unsure of what you want to do as a career, amirite?

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I love posts like these. Everyone just invites themselves to list their life plans.

I want to be an author and a forensic pathologist. Performing autopsies, them writing about it.

Like the person above, I definitely want to be a surgeon (not sure what kind). In a perfect world, though, I'd want to be an author.

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I'm still in high school, and I have no clue what I want to be. It's really frustrating when all of your friends already have the next ten years of their lives planned out, and you barely know what classes to take for the new school year. Glad I'm not alone.

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"...So yeah, and that's how I'm going to retire during winter when I'm 37."

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Im just now starting college, and i have no idea what i want to do.

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Actually, there are some kids in my grade who have planned their entire lives. Seriously.

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I've wanted to be a bartender, a lawyer, a blackjack dealer, a wall street broker, a criminal psychologist....

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One day in eighth grade I asked myself that question, and I knew I wanted to do something in science in a day, knew that I wanted to go to medical school in a week, and knew what specialty I wanted to pursue in a month. But I'm just neurotic.

something with genetics
either research or a geneticist hopefully

Something with psychology or something about astronomy, but I don't know exactly what

Stuck between two. Pediatric ER nurse at Children's Hopsital Of Philadelphia or marketing major. I'm leaning towards nurse because I want to feel like I did something that mattered to people.

I'm going to make advertisements if the whole 'being famous' thing doesn't work out or when I'm no longer relevant. In the latter scenario, I'll eventually be just irrelevant enough to go on the Celebrity Apprentice and I'll be better prepared than the other contestants because I would already know about marketing and whatnot. I'll also be in a "where are they now?" thing that will more than likely air on either VH1 or E! That, pf course, is assuming I go down the Broadway/actor road rather than fronting a post-hardcore band. I'm also considering starting with the band and then transitioning into acting, but I'm still in high school so we'll see where the road takes me.


I have ALWAYS wanted to persue something in architecture.

Contrary to what my profile indicates, I think I'd most like to be a Deputy US Marshal.

Starting my last year of high school .. Well my main and only plan is going into Human Resources .... That's as far as my future plans are laid out :P

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Theoretical Physicist. I've always like math and science, and I've thought about being either that or a psychologist since I was 15. Then I realized I don't give a fuck about people and went with physics.

LINGUISTICS!! And probably either teaching or researching, either way they both require traveling :D

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