Sometimes your dreams are so vivid it takes you a moment after waking up to realize that they weren't real and you don't have to worry about getting rid of your cursed pocket watch or explaining to your History teacher why you went to his class in nothing but a towel, amirite?

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When I woke up this morning I was afraid that I had gotten my friend kicked out of school because i had yelled at a gray lizard-skinned, horned transexual who was interviewing me about my friend.

Malaria medication gives you weird dreams...

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I had a dream this morning that Alan Rickman kidnapped small children and I was the only one who knew and could report it to the police.

Glad the pressure's off tbh

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Man, your dreams sound awesome compared to mine.

@boxtop Man, your dreams sound awesome compared to mine.

I dunno; I woke up this morning very concerned about what the maid (we don't have a maid) had done with my newly acquired cursed pocket watch, as well as my cursed copy of Wuthering Heights with my name magically replacing the name of the character who dies (I've never read Wuthering Heights.)

No more Supernatural before bed.

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