More people would vote if it were a popular vote rather than electoral college. This way a persons vote counts even if their state leans heavily liberal or conservative. amirite?

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The Electoral College is the most frustrating thing ever.
I hate it.
Apparently, it was originally around so candidates would campaign everywhere, not just in states with large populations.
Now, the people who get fucked over are in heavily liberal or conservative states, which sucks just as much. I've lived in Illinois (albeit before I was of voting age) which is a hardcore blue state, and now live in Utah, where I am registered to vote.
Regardless of my political party, my vote will be either redundant or cancelled out among many, unless i live in a swing state.
GOD it pisses me right the fuck off

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I think there's an unofficial reason to reduce the impact of 'less intelligent' people, for example those in the bible belt who will vote for an idiot Christian over a genius Atheist, just because he's Christian.

There should be an element of majority though. As it stands, it is possible to win even if over 70% of the country opposes you. Maybe they could take the electoral votes, and multiply by your percentage of the population then see who has more.

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But then you'd get hung parliaments all over the place, and nothing would ever get done. Still, I know what you mean. In my electorate, the same person always wins, so there's no point voting, but voting is compulsory, which is annoying.

Yea, but it was designed that way for a reason, same reason we don't live in a democracy. It's called the tyranny of the majority, which is when the majority can hurt the minority because they have the full power. You may say this already happens in the states, but do you want a whole country that leans red or blue? At least the republicans living in a heavily blue state can leave, and vice versa.

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