When you're watching an Olympic event where the same country usually dominates, you wonder how the athletes from the countries that never win are feeling. Do they expect to lose or do they feel confident going into it? amirite?

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They're probably thinking, "Holy crap, I'm at the olympics. Let's make the most of this."

I agree with PocketPie. Athletes wouldn't make it far enough to qualify if they didn't have some sort of positive outlook going into the games, regardless of what competition they face. Athletes that are capable of making it to the Olympics are never give up, never surrender kinds of people.

So, I think "I'll get them next time" or "Just need to do some more work and come back next time" runs through their heads. Maybe even thoughts of what might have went wrong with their performance and what might have been superb about the winner's performance so they can figure out how to improve.

Not to mention many athletes don't JUST do Olympics. They have other stuff to prepare for as well.

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