It's socially acceptable for women to say "oh that teenager's hot", "look at look at this photo of my son playing with his 'wee wee'", and read books like 50 Shades of Grey in public, but if a man did it, he would be a huge pervert. Amirite?

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I agree mostly with CherryBlossom, but I have actually seen a lot of people on the subway reading FSG. They weren't flaunting it or anything, but if you're observant, you can tell what book it is. Yes, they were woman, but I disagree with the post. At least where I'm from, a man reading FSG would not be seen as a pervert, maybe homosexual, but people don't really care. I've seen grown men reading Twilight in public and they didn't receive looks.

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I saw a man reading FSG at the bookstore. I was like "oh..." and just ignored it. I didn't think he was a pervert or anything, he was just sitting there reading a book. No big deal.


Well played internet, well played.

Different meanings of fanny, probably language thing. Imagine a cute word for vagina.

I'm thinking of when I saw a woman on my bus reading it, nobody else really payed much attention to it. All of the older men in my life wouldn't consider reading it. The woman didn't feel any restriction to reading it in a public place, nor did my friends mum feel to telling me of her choice of book. From talking with the men, the consensus is that it is a 'womans book'.


Ok where to start...

Middle aged twilight fans in it for Lautner and Patterson.

Swap both genders - "look at her playing with her fanny", to me, thats goddamn creepy.

I haven't seen any dinosaurs, therefore, they didn't exist.

since when is a women saying a teenager is hot not creepy as hell?

I don't think those things are socially acceptable for men or women..so the sexism card doesn't really work here.

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