Getting kicked in the balls vs. Delivering a child: it is impossible for anyone to know which is the worse pain, because no one can ever truly experience both, amirite?

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This is kinda irrelevant but I argue this all the time-I see girls say they're just as horny as guys all the time, and I'm like "how do you know?"

Everyone has a different tolerance for pain (and different levels of horniness while we're at it) everyone thinks both hurt, but giving birth might hurt more for one person than getting kicked in the balls for another, and getting kicked in the balls might hurt more to one person more than giving birth to another.

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I wouldn't really say that you can compare labor which can last nearly two days and getting kicked in the nuts. I'm a dude and I still dont think that's a manageable connection. Having your vagina rip to your asshole probably hurts more then shooting pains and puking.

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men go through 9000 del when getting kicked in the balls that's the equivalent to giving birth to 167 babies or breaking 3200 bones at a time...

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