There should be an option to delete your posts, amirite?

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You can do whatever you want to your post in the first 5 min.

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I understand that, but a lot of times, I look back at post that I made a while ago (on my old account) and all I can think is "What the hell was I smoking?" And then I get all embarrassed that I was stupid and stuff. Maybe it would be better if posts could be deleted after a certain amount of time.


I just wanted to delete it so then I could repost it to make it slightly better. My latest homepaged post was a picture one, and it the text was cut off. I wanted to fix it, but it was too late to edit, and I can't post the same thing twice. It was quite the dilemma.

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Oh, clever! Thanks for the advice then. It's too late, but i'll keep that knowledge for later!

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