Girls: You're attracted to ActionMan in some weird way, amirite?

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We all know who posted this, amirite?

Weird way? I'm attracted to attractive people.

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ActionMan's a girl hehe smilie

SpearmintMilks avatar SpearmintMilk Yeah You Are +18Reply

You should ban everyone who disagrees. hehe smilie

Statefarms avatar Statefarm Yeah You Are +11Reply

A girl with a dick hehe smilie too far? Dammit.

Anonymous +8Reply

Who isn't? goo smilie

Anonymous +6Reply

Mostly just because he's funny

Graverottis avatar Graverotti Yeah You Are +2Reply
@Graverotti Mostly just because he's funny

I actually think he's handsome too though. But of course his humor contributes to it.

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