When you buy a box of Ritz crackers, on the back of the box, they have all these suggestions as to what to put on top of the Ritz. "Try it with turkey and cheese. Try it with peanut butter." But I like crackers man, that's why I bought it, 'cause I like crackers! I don't see a suggestion to put a Ritz on top of a Ritz. I didn't buy them because they're little edible plates! They've got no faith in the product, amirite?

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[Mitch Hedburg joke]

This is Triscuit's new marketing campaign...as well as an awesome Mitch Hedburg joke.

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I like edible plates... That's what makes waffle cones so amazing!

You guys beat me to it

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They're trying to get you to try their product to the fullest extent. Crackers are sort of a plate for other snacks and creams. It's like buying burger buns and then just eating the buns. It's acceptable, and nobody cares, but they are for burgers.

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