I hate when people talk about "fur is murder" and still bite right into that double cheese burger like it's nothing. Honestly, even though I don't because I think it's disgusting to eat dead animal, I think it's fine to eat meat if you want to. But double standards are a whole other story, amirite?

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Actually OP, you were wrong. "Most meat isn't healthy" is a wildy false statement. Should I elaborate? Naa because you'll just come back stating why the government is only telling me that so they can keep slaughtering cows or whatever bullshit your pretentious self thinks.


So it's okay to kill animals to use them for food but not for clothing? That's a double standard. Both are necessities, but both can be gotten from other sources. Except fur would actually last and serve a purpose for a longer peirod of time, whereas most meat isn't even healthy so the only purpose it serves is to satisfy one's craving.


If you could comprehend what you read you would realize that I said that, not fur, but clothing and food are both necessities.

Not shoving my opinion down your throat. Just pointing out that yours is wrong.

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