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if you moved crap down one notch and made ok 3.5 and 4, it would be exactly how i interpret it

lilobamas avatar lilobama Yeah You Are +13Reply

3.5 = Guaranteed to break within one week or your money back.

wobbuffets avatar wobbuffet Yeah You Are +9Reply

xkcd woooo

GryndStones avatar GryndStone Yeah You Are +4Reply

I read somewhere, probably Reddit, that people who rate 3 stars usually have the most useful reviews.

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The first part

Pretty much.

FUGMINAs avatar FUGMINA Yeah You Are 0Reply

that's stupid, 4 stars is pretty good, 3 stars is OK, 2 stars is kinda bad & 1 is awful, you absolutely would't watch

Ang98s avatar Ang98 No Way 0Reply

Looks like I'm not the only one who goes on the oatmeal.

Blucatts avatar Blucatt Yeah You Are -1Reply