Its annoying when a post starts with "admit it", as if it was some big secret, amirite?

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It's also annoying when posts start with "if you really think about it"

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Especially when its followed up with something really mundane like 'admit it, you love pasta', that nobody has any trouble admitting to. If it was something people wouldn't easily confess too, like 'admit it, you've watched animal porn on the internet' then fair play.

Emaphinas avatar Emaphina Yeah You Are +9Reply

Admit it, if you really think about it, those posts are so annoying.

SuperSukhs avatar SuperSukh Yeah You Are +6Reply

Admit it, you love those posts.

justfuckmeups avatar justfuckmeup Yeah You Are +3Reply

I find it annoying when posts start with "I think" as if the phrase changes the meaning at all and is actually worth the time to type and read.

Cpt_McMuffins avatar Cpt_McMuffin Yeah You Are +1Reply
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