There's that one person in your school that is well-known for being annoying, amirite?

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The girl in my school is a goth wanna-be, trying to seem like an undiscovered, misunderstood artist with such misunderstood thoughts. Oh yeah, and she's a wannabe hipster. She's a bully to people and cries over every little thing that goes wrong with her life. Her haircut is "hipster"esque, it's like a pixie cut with a small layer on the side of her face, and it's bleach blond combined with natural brown.

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In my dorm, it was the south dakotan racist lecher who felt the need to tell everyone about what was happening on his crew team. He even told an olympic athlete that he was going to be an olympic rower. Too bad he was a walk-on and ended up messing up his back because he did not know how to row correctly. He also felt the need to prance around without clothes, blast Avril Lavigne, and scream at everyone to not pee on the seats even though he never would flush. Finally, he quoted a study done in the civil war to prove that "Black people had lower IQs than Asians"

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