You appreciate the bodies of attractive people of your own gender, amirite?

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Gives you something to work towards, for me anyways.

Chewbanshees avatar Chewbanshee Yeah You Are +15Reply

indeed i do. because i'm gay.

Anonymous +12Reply

There are some hot chicks out there.

BuddyCakess avatar BuddyCakes Yeah You Are +7Reply

I might do it too much... ;(

douloureuxs avatar douloureux Yeah You Are +5Reply

I think that quite a few girls who go to my college look really hot. Especially because they're well dressed.

Bun10s avatar Bun10 Yeah You Are +3Reply

Aesthetically speaking, I think the curve of a woman's back is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. But I'm definitely attracted to men.

Anonymous +2Reply
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