You want to have another life after this one, amirite?

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Yeah, and I hope I don't get ripped off again next time.
No but in all seriousness I really hope there is some kind of life after death, or reincarnation of some sort. Ideally, I hope there's some type of world with no sense of time, so things would never feel old/boring and you could never get tired of doing whatever it is you're doing. Also, you would be able to choose details about your life that in this life you have no control over.

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@omgeetoast Yeah, and I hope I don't get ripped off again next time. No but in all seriousness I really hope there is some kind...

Oo a magical version of life. Maybe a world with no sense of time would be a world where everyone's high all the time.

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As a Christian, I personally believe I will go to heaven when I die, which is described as basically another, perfect life. But if I didn't believe that, my answer would probably be yes.

Take the blue pill.

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Is it weird that when I read this I thought of regeneration?

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Funny thing is that whatever actually happens after death is going to happen whether we like it or not. If, after we die, we appear in a giant snake nest and are hunted by a cobra who watches Jersey Shore all day and sounds like The Nanny, it'll be tough luck.

I'd really love to hear everyone's opinion on this as well as their ideal afterlife. This is a major topic of interest for me.

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@Len I'd really love to hear everyone's opinion on this as well as their ideal afterlife. This is a major topic of...

Okay sure. I was going to comment when I first saw it but decided not to because of reasons.

1. Assuming I don't remember my current life when I live a new life, then hoping to live a new life is pointless. It is like asking the question "Are we dreaming?" Well maybe we are. So what? I still have to go to work tomorrow.
2. Assuming I did remember my current life but it was more of an After-Life deal where I then exist forever that would be interesting. And I would definitely be okay with it (at first) because I would be given an infinite amount of time to figure out the universe. Unfortunately infinity is a long time. Even after waiting a Googolplex number of years, I still have an infinite number of years ahead of me. So that sucks.
3. Assuming I remember my previous life but was simply reincarnated on Earth. Now that would be really interesting. I would have so many questions. "Why didn't I remember a previous life during my last one?" "How did this one transfer over?" "Does all life from all beings transfer over?" "Will life transfer over a second time?" and "Did my previous life make me deserving of this one or was it by chance?"

@Len I'd really love to hear everyone's opinion on this as well as their ideal afterlife. This is a major topic of...

I just want to be dead forever when it's time. I'd imagine after 80 or 90 years I'll be ready to say goodbye. Even if in rebirth I couldn't remember this life, I still don't want to be reborn. I just don't, and I don't really know why.

@Len I'd really love to hear everyone's opinion on this as well as their ideal afterlife. This is a major topic of...

I find it very difficult to even imagine an afterlife, let alone an entire new lifetime. I grew up in a religion-less home, so I kind of got to choose my opinion instead of it being chosen for me. Currently I'm agnostic because I feel like we don't, and probably can't, have enough information to say with full certainty that there is or is not a god and an afterlife. But you do say ideally, and I know what the afterlife would be like if I could choose. Ideally, I'd like to see how the universe changes and ages. I'd like to be an explorer, a curious spirit, to find out the answers that humans cannot answer; Discover new planets, new species and new experiences. Learn new ways and cultures, challenge the laws of physics and space, go to the limits of the universe(or universes who knows?) See new colors beyond our spectrum, hear beyond Earth, taste the air of an unknown place. I feel like if I have an afterlife, I want it to challenge ideas, ask questions, explore and find answers. I don't want to be chained to the ideas of a heaven or a hell or a blank void. I'm still figuring out how I feel about life and afterlife, but pondering these things is very interesting.

@Len I'd really love to hear everyone's opinion on this as well as their ideal afterlife. This is a major topic of...

Well, as a Hindu, I believe in reincarnation so I'd suppose that this part of the topic has been covered. However, even though everyone dies, I still haven't accepted the fact that my life is...predestined, y'know. I'm not ready for death. A lot of people have accepted it and feel that if you die, you die. I just don't think that way. Death will make me devoid of all emotions. It'll take away my future chances, mistakes, opportunities, and failures.

I'm very young so it's understandable that I love life and want to keep going on and never have it end. But in retrospect, I guess death would be desirable, and that makes me sad. Whenever I think of this, constant rebirth would be my only wish. I would not want to live in an eternally time-less place like heaven after death. When I read the book Elsewhere, this afterlife was extremely appealing. People go to Elsewhere after they die, and age backwards until birth, where they are sent back to earth to be reborn as somebody else.

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Lol I don't even want this one.

@Nacklefoodle Lol I don't even want this one.

Every time I see you reference that I get a little bit sad.

@Nacklefoodle Why? I'm just a stranger

Because you're a fellow human being and I don't have any mental disorders like being a psychopath or narcissist so I feel empathy and all that jazz.

Yes but I dont believe in that stuff. But id love for it to happen

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Okay I need to go to bed so I can't read the other comments, but here's my opinionated opinion. For a long long time I really wanted to die. I just wanted to end everything and all that shit, but then one day I decided I really want to live. I realized one day I WILL die. It's going to happen so even if I feel shitty I should just wait because there's a chance I could feel not shitty. Then I realized there is no afterlife (at least I chose to realize it. I don't want to shit on anyone's beliefs). This means after this life I will be nothing. I will not exist. I will not be in darkness light or fire. I will just cease to be. That means my time on earth is all I have. Sure sometimes I want all the pain to go away, but Id rather have that than absolutely fucking nothing at all. I need to make the most out of the time I have because there won't be time when I'm dead to do the stuff I wish I could have. There is no meeting up with someone in the afterlife to tell them you love them. You have to do that now. I don't want to not exist man.

I'd want to be female(because I'm can't
imagine not being feminine), and be an identical twin. I'd love to experience that.

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No! Please, no! The past dozens that I've had have been hellish enough, and I don't need another one! I just hope it all ends for me on Friday.

I think it would be kinda cool to have your soul (personality, brain, morals, etc.) reincarnated, while your consciousness went on to an afterlife, so you could see - from a 3rd person perspective - what you would be like under different circumstances. That would be really fascinating.

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I would prefer non-existence.

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@lana I would prefer non-existence.

That's a bummer man. Best wishes to you in the rest of your life. I hope you're happy again soon.

Yep. Any sort of living is better than death.

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@YeahIAm Yep. Any sort of living is better than death.

Obviously I'm not staying this as fact, but how I imagine death, is pretty much exactly the same as before you were born. So not bad - just nothing.

I'd like one, but I doubt there is one.

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Though someone probably already said it (I was too lazy to read all of the comments, sorry guys), it would be interesting to live just one more life after I die but to keep all of my knowledge from the life I am currently in. That way, I would be able to know what it is like to walk in someone's shoes from a completely different life. I think that it would make me appreciate life much more, especially if I lived the life of a poor person in a 3rd world country or something. Plus, I would have all of the information I need to not make the same mistakes I've already lived.

Nope.. I like this one. I think it makes it more special if it only happens once.

i would prefer not to live another life this one has been quite difficult to me as i have not had much interms of money like the people around me have i have autism and spend most of my lufe alone due to anxiety i can also not relate to my age group as i have the opinions of a 50 or so year old and I am only 20. so if I died and was reincarnated theres a chance my new life could have been worse. so I am thankful that I only have a few minor problems as things could have been much worse

honestly, yes. i'm spiritual in some regards and would love to have some version of life after this one. i don't want another "life" like i've lived while on earth, but maybe a drained version? i don't know if i wanna use the word "heaven," for some reason i just like to avoid that word.

but i've heard from so many people that they have vivid dreams of people who have passed coming to them and telling them very meaningful things, and my cousin even claimed to feel his brother who has passed touching his face. i think it would be nice to have another life in that sense - helping out those who are still on the earth with whatever they need.

but that also makes me think - what happens when every single person i ever knew on earth is also gone? a hundred years after i die there will be no one left for me to help, so maybe then is when your after-life ends as well.

idk, i think about this stuff a lot so i wanted to contribute

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Wow. Great post. Something almost none of us will disagree with. I have to hand it to you, taking the safest approach is clearly the best way to succeed on this site.

@name Wow. Great post. Something almost none of us will disagree with. I have to hand it to you, taking the safest...

Even if this was the "safest" (for lack of a better term) post on the whole site it's still an interesting topic to discuss in my eyes.

But that doesn't matter because plenty of people have disagreed, simply because they're a minority doesn't mean you get to ignore them.

Anyway, a few good examples of me not "playing it safe":


I'm by no means afraid to be wrong on this site, in fact I enjoy it a lot of the time. Happy?

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I'd prefer it if the next life wasn't being reborn into this world, and not a heaven/hell. I'd want to live in an alternate reality where the supernatural is real and a large part of life.

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1: Sheet tea
2: foo king

I don't think I would. Consciousness is exhausting. A lot of people fear nothingness, but that's what I believe will happen, and that's what I look forward to. Even though I know it would be without experience, my mind can't fathom nothingness and makes me think it would be a novel experience. My mind drives me to wonder what it would be like to die, to close my eyes and fade into oblivion. I also feel like it's the only thing that will bring me peace. Life is all about working towards goals and trying to figure things out. Death would be the last call, the final stop. Every bit of work you did finally ends, and every question is being answered. It's the precipice of everything. It's completion.

An afterlife would take all of that away. It would be the start of another project, one without end. If I already died, I can't die again. I'd have nothing to look forward to ever again. How long can you do nothing before you get bored and crave something more? It would be like that, except knowing more would never come. The thought of an afterlife terrifies me way more than anything else in this world.

It depends how many afterlifes... Like if I get an infinite amount, I'd hate it. I'd be immortal and can't escape no matter what.

If it means return to our current upside down society , than NO THANK YOU!

The idea of an afterlife is lovely, I just don't think it would be something I would necessarily like. I actually find comfort in my belief that once I die, I will just be able to have a final resting place. This also motivates me to do everything I can in this life since I may not have any other time to do it. I don't think I would want to start my life over either, because, to be honest, I'm really scared about what the future will be like.

not in this world i don't

Only if I get to come back as a Golden Eagle, grim reapers of the sky, otherwise no thank you, I'm good with being done after this one.

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