It may sound sweet on the surface to say, "words can not describe how I feel when I'm with him!" but really, that just means you don't have a way with words, you should be able to tell people how you feel while with your partner, amirite?

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Of all the posts I've had homepaged I'm most happy with this one because it'll actually be interesting to see what people have to say on this topic.

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Was this inspired by a comment on a post several days ago?

@makeup_nerd Was this inspired by a comment on a post several days ago?

At this point I don't really remember, but perhaps. hmm smilie

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I would be able to describe it, sometimes I just don't like sounding too gushy, then I use that line.

I've had a couple people that I didn't know well ask me how I feel when I'm with my boyfriend, and because I don't like sharing those kinds of details with people I don't know, I say, "Good," or something similar...I always get more prodding questions because that's not satisfactory to them.

That was a relevant in my head. Maybe "words don't describe" is their way of hinting it's nobody's business?

I dated someone when I was a lot younger, and I could never describe why I loved him. Eventually I realized that I didn't really love him, and in fact knew next to nothing about him, even though we dated for nearly seven months. In contrast, the few times I've been in real, proper love, I've been able to accurately describe it.

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