It doesn't make sense when people support war and soldiers but chastise serial killers, amirite?

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I see the connection you're trying to make, but it just isn't right. The initial assumption that we always support war and soldiers is the first place it falls down. But also, even if we DO support a war and our soldiers taking part, it's a different state of affairs to a serial killer. An officially sanctioned military action is within the law. A serial killer savagely plotting the deaths of innocents is not. And, in times of war, those who go outside of internationally sanctioned law (for example: deliberate slaughter of non-combatants), are duly punished as criminals.

We can support our troops without agreeing with the war.

The troops signed on to defend their nation. Going to which specific war is not their choice, and they shouldn't be penalised for it. THeir intentions were good, but the serial killer just kills randomly, of his own accord, and is a risk to people who have nothign to do with violence.

Yeah, because defending your country against bad guys in a war is totally the same as killing innocent people in your country because you are a psycho.

No; the government told the army to kill people, that obviously makes it morally justifiable.

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