Without the moon, there would be no tides. Nighttime would be pitch black. The Earth would spin faster. The weather would change dramatically. Humans would have had to evolve differently in order to survive. And yet, the formation of the moon almost didn't happen. It was the result of a planet colliding into Earth millions of years ago, sheer luck! It's crazy how close we were to having it totally different, amirite?

How did our moon formAlthough there have been many hypotheses proposed in the past concerning the origin of our Moon, the most likely one, which is supported by the most.http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_did_the_moon_form
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Nighttime would not be pitch black. The moon doesn't actually produce any light; it only "glows" because the sun shines behind it, like when you put your finger over a flashlight.

There's a book called Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer and it's about an asteroid hitting the moon and causing it to shift out of orbit. It's not the exact same thing as what OP is saying but it reminded me of it. It's actually really scary to know that it could happen.

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I think what favvkes is trying to say is the moon lights our night. They didnt say the moon directly produces light. They implied the light reflected from the moon wouldn't be seen at night if there was no moon. Also the sun does not shine behind it, but rather onto it from the "side". If you put your finger in front of a flash light and view it from a distance with the light behind the finger, it is shadowed... if you view the finger from the side then you can see the light reflecting off the finger.

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mildly surprised at the comments...a nice surprise to see no raging christians talking like "OMG IT WASNT LUCK GOD PLANNED THAT SHIT YO!"

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@mildly surprised at the comments...a nice surprise to see no raging christians talking like "OMG IT WASNT LUCK GOD...

You've obviously haven't been on Amirite for very long. Rarely do we have people do that. Unless of course, they're trolling.

Well the formation of the earth as we know it, nay the solar system as we know it, nay the galaxy as we know it, nay the local group, nay the super cluster, nay the whole of galactic structure, nay the universe as we know it is a series of amazing lucky coincidences that without even one, life on earth would be drastically different or even nonexistent. But who can even say if this is the best result that is achievable.

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