Saying the drinking age should be lowered because kids will just drink anyways is like saying we should get rid of laws against murder or rape because people are just going to do it anyway, amirite?

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Not really a fair comparison.

@Frank_n_Furter Not really a fair comparison.

Robbing banks being illegal stops people from doing it. Keeping drugs illegal does not. If robbing a bank was legal, I would do it. But there are very few people that don't do drugs solely because it's illegal. Murder and rape psychologically damage the victim/victim's family. They are not equal in gravity.

@Frank_n_Furter Not really a fair comparison.

Because some people don't care about the law. If robbing bank wasn't illegal, more people would do it because there would be no punishment.

An anology has to compare things accuratley, if it doesn't its not a fair comparison. It's still an analogy, just not a good one. Making murder and robbing bvanks legal would cause more problems. Making the drinking age lower would eventually make things better. The outcome is different, it's not a good analogy,.

@Frank_n_Furter Not really a fair comparison.

The two points being compared don't have to be equal on your morality radar, but the situations are the same. We don't get rid of laws just because people don't follow them is my point. The fact that "Murder and rape psychologically damage the victim/victim's family" is completely irrelevant. I used rape and murder because it was a law that everyone would want to keep. If your problem with this post is that "they are not they same gravity", then you are missing the point.

Also your first sentence is wrong, if that was true then why are people stealing if it is illegal today?

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