You've thought about what the cover art would be on your album would be if you were famous, amirite?

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It would be me in a black party dress standing on a road with my back towards the camera, facing an elaborate fireworks show. It would be edited so the fireworks are extremely bright and I'm kind of dimmed out. I'd be really small in relation to the photo. The title of the album would be written in silver letters at the bottom center of the picture, with my name right under it. I would go by a mononym, which would be my nickname that everyone (including parents and teachers) call me anyways.

I've thought about this waaaaaaaaay too much.

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too many "would be" - change it quick!

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Ink in water.

How do I do that? :(

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@How do I do that? :(

I've never posted before & wasn't sure if you could edit your post...

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