You wish Taco Bell still used the chihuahua in their commercials, amirite?

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"Yo quiero Taco Bell."

It sounds stupidly simple now that I know the meaning hmm smilie

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You mean the dead chihuahua?

@KickAss You mean the dead chihuahua?

Ew. I guess that makes sense... but still. They could have found a new chihuahua!

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@KickAss You mean the dead chihuahua?

Naw mane, you can't replace that chihuahua :')

@KickAss You mean the dead chihuahua?

The chihuahua died such a long time ago... it's probably rotting by now

@KickAss You mean the dead chihuahua?

He didn't die. Or well, he's probably dead now because of the short lifespan of dogs, but that's not why he quit. His contract simply ended.

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I used to have the little chihuahua toys from Taco Bell. One would sing and the other said, "Yo quiero Taco Bell!"

That advertising strategy actually cost taco bell money, so they removed the commercials.


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