Somewhere, a devout cat lover has walked into a Catholic meeting and promptly realized he had misread the sign, amirite?

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@Erythromania http://ctrlv.in/118350

The most impressive part is you beat favvkes to it.

Legit_Latins avatar Legit_Latin Yeah You Are +85Reply
@Erythromania http://ctrlv.in/118350

Did you just have this ready to go or...

Chewbanshees avatar Chewbanshee Yeah You Are +82Reply

Favvkes don't even try

OOOOH I GET IT NOW! I just gave it a strange look yesterday, but I finally get it.

Skr3wBalls avatar Skr3wBall Yeah You Are +7Reply

Congrats Nina! :3

Ebony_Ways avatar Ebony_Way Yeah You Are +6Reply
@Ebony_Way Congrats Nina! :3

Thank you!

I also love it when people use my real name :) Love you Rhea!

sparesecondss avatar spareseconds Yeah You Are +4Reply

Dangit! I thought I would get here before Favvkes frown smilie

iceeselenawizs avatar iceeselenawiz Yeah You Are +3Reply
@Talk about dreamin' big.

It's true. I feel an odd accomplishment when I get to comment on cats before her. It's the Amirite Dream.

iceeselenawizs avatar iceeselenawiz Yeah You Are +9Reply


Anonymous +3Reply

I misread 'car'.

Anonymous 0Reply

cat aholic...?

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