Lower middle class people: You remember feeling left out/embarrassed as a child because your family couldn't afford something that everyone else could do, amirite?

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For me, it was usually my parents just would refuse to spend money on something that stupid (which in hindsight they were actually being really smart about).

Private school problems: a girl once complained to me for 30 minutes because her parents were taking her to Crete and not France. She was just so over the Mediterranean, you know?

At the time I was super upset and ended up crying to get my way, but now that I think back to it I feel so crappy. :/

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We could never go out to eat or to movies, etc (like, never), and had the low income school lunches where I paid 25 cents a lunch instead of the normal $2.00. Never any vending machine money or whatever, so I remember that when I found a dollar on the street I was super excited to go buy a Frutopia. Oh well, money is much less important than a loving family

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My parents made us toys for Christmas because they didn't have the money. But we ended up with a really awesome toy car garage and a Zoo kinda carpet thing like those street carpets :D My parents rock!

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Nope. Everybody I grew up with was also poor.

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