The internet is very useful for research, Wikipedia is a huge resource that can really help you in any given project but the flip side of the internet that distracts the shit out of you for hours upon hours while you're suppose to be researching for that project sort of ruins that point, amirite?

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Ah, the topic that was put on the HSPA as a test question when I took it a year and a half ago: Whether or not there should be an emphasis on technological skills in our education system. (Actually the topic was whether public schools should distribute laptops to students). As I pointed out in my essay, SURE there are going to be things that distract you, sources that are not credible, etc. However, for that very reason, we need to be taught exactly how to research stuff on the internet so that this does not happen. As for the point about distributing laptops to students: it will be costly (as was one of the counterarguments), but if you are rich as fuck, you can pay for the laptop yourself, while the laptops can be distributed by the school to families that cannot afford laptops.

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