If you had an accent that made you pronounce words differently than your friends, you wouldn't mind saying the word when they ask you to and watching their reactions, amirite?

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I'm not sure how to vote.. I wouldn't mind doing it a few times but after a while I would be a little wary smilie.

I remember when I went to Ireland, people loved it when I said "y'all." It was kind of fun because people liked my accent and it made it easier to talk to them.

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I wanna hear your accent. You should record yourself saying garage. Because I really wanna hear it. Bad. Seriously Johnny. Seriously.

@cremep0ps maybe he says it like Simon cowell, like as if it rhymes with "carriage".

Accents make me melt.

No rly it's literal. Idk y it happenz jus stay away frum me jonnyy!!!!!

one of my friends on here that i facetime with always thinks i say words like "coffee" "chocolate" and "dog" weird

Wait!! I'm the one who made this post!! Hes my brother and I forgot to log out if his account so I accidentally made it in his account. How do I transfer it to my account??

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