MLIA is stupid and boring, FML is just fucking depressing, and Grouchy Rabbit hasnt been used since like 1983. Amirite is pretty much the only site where new and different ideas are posted every hour. amirite?

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Well, Dear blank, Please blank is nice, too. I don't really go on FML that much, but it makes me laugh a little when I do.

Agreed, except for FML. It's funny.

That's what I love about amirite?.

It's not so much that websites like FML and MLIA are necessarily bad (although I'm not a fan of either), it's just that they have a specific theme and a target subject.
Amirite?, however, has no selected subjects or materials for users to post about. It's a website where you can, as the description says,"post your opinions and see if others agree."

This openness and freedom leaves room for the utmost creativity and diversity throughout it's content and users, and that is why I love this website so much.

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I've never heard of Grouchy Rabbit

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I like fml. It's good for a laugh

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