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If we run out of bacon, the terrorists win.

bacon isnt even that good...

@Blucatt bacon isnt even that good...

You just knew there was gonna be some cynical douche-nozzle. But no you didn't even go the classy route of saying 'I don't even like bacon that much' which would have been bland and pointless in itself. You had to jump strait to 'Bacon is not good' like you speak on humanity's behalf. If 9 out of 10 people recommend abstinence and birth control for safe sex and the 10th suggests castration, by law of statistics the tool who said castration is probably wrong. Congratulations, in that metaphor you're the tool who thinks we should cut penis' off. Be proud of yourself. I'm pretty sure your comment just gave my 3 legged golden retriever puppy cancer.

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Except they live in Canada

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Why so oblivious, panda?

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I see what you did there.

How the fuck is there a bacon shortage...? Just breed more pigs.

It's only true for the UK. American bacon may be a little bit more expensive, but only temporarily.

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check the inspired by, yo

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