It's not really fair to all the smarter kids, that get assigned a group with dumber kids and slackers, making that group completely rely on that one smart kid, and the "group" gets an "A", amirite?

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Whats worse is when someone, who is just as smart as you, completly takes over the project, won't tell you whats going on, and shoots down every idea you suggest. Then when you give up on helping, they complain that they did all the work. I hate that.

@Aerith Whats worse is when someone, who is just as smart as you, completly takes over the project, won't tell you whats...

That happened to one of my friends once, she offered to do a whole bunch of stuff and her groups was just like "No that's stupid just go do something else." She ended up getting a D because of that.

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Or when the group makes things even worse and the smart kid gets a B instead. -_-

Back in my day, if the group made me do all the work, I just asked the teacher to grade me on the work that I did and the rest of the group on the rest of the work.

Saved me from a failing grade more than once.

Well even if you do have smart people but they don't want to take initiative its still a nightmare.

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what's worse is when teachers think they are saying you're smart, and rewarding you, but really they're punishing you for being smart by sticking you with a bunch of slackers.

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Happens to me all the time, teacher goes "Here, I'll put you with these kids, you can help them with their project because you did so well," etc.etc.etc.
Hate it!

It is the worst thing in school, you should be able to just either do your own work or pick your own groups!

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For me, I do all of the work, but I usually don't let my group take the credit. I once pretty much did a whole project by myself (someone wrote down everything I said was the only work someone else did), but when it came time to present, I was the one who read it to the class. But the thing is the guy I like always wants to be in my group because he thinks I'm smart. Personally, I like the attention from him then. Thank goodness he usually helps with the project!

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