I never bothered to find out who invented velcro but eversince it came out, I always thought that it was some guy who probably had a painful experience with zippers. Having said that, most of you will be googling and coming back to tell me that nowhere does it say anything about pain and zippers then vote "No way" just to shove it to my face. Amirite?

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The voters have decided that DavidXanth is wrong! Vote on the post to say if you agree or disagree.

I voted nw because I'm not going to google it and come back to shove it in your face...

Juless avatar Jules No Way +7Reply

I voted NW because I already knew how the guy that invented Velcro got the idea.

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I voted no way because this was a shitty post.

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I crafted the post to target those who vote only after reading the post through. I am not mainly after how many votes this post will get. I am more interested in knowing if the voters actually read the post through before they vote. Ultimately, I am looking at a scenario where the votes approximates the number of comments. If that happens, I would have achieved my original intent.

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This is a really confusing post. And the guy who invented velcro thought of it after walking his dog through the woods and noticing all the burrs stuck to the dogs fur.

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This post is worded awkwardly. It did not have anything to do with zippers. Am I to vote NW to shove it in your face? Am I to vote YYA because I am voting NW? Am I to vote NW because I did not vote NW?

I'm confused... What are we voting on? That the guy who invented velcro had a painful experience with zippers or that people are going to NW your post?

@DavidXanth Did you google?

Yes, but that has nothing to do with the question I asked. Btw, it didn't have anything to do with zippers.

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