Girls: you're not a fan of the new high-low shirt style, amirite?

Image for post Girls: you're not a fan of the new high-low shirt style, amirite?
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It's like the mullet of clothes

Wunderscores avatar Wunderscore Yeah You Are +32Reply

I love high-low shirts and skirts...

Madies avatar Madie No Way +8Reply

I like some high-low dresses, but not really the shirts or just regular skirts..

LAWLZAttacks avatar LAWLZAttack Yeah You Are +8Reply

It covers the booty. As a man, I disapprove of this style.

It depends what it's worn with.

Anonymous +5Reply

It would be better with longer shorts/pants, since I hate when shorts disappear under shirts, makes you look half-naked. Not much of a fan either way though.

_pi_s avatar _pi_ Yeah You Are +4Reply

Not with those shorts, but in general I like it.

I hate high-low everything. Dresses and skirts are even worse.

LittleReds avatar LittleRed Yeah You Are +2Reply

The model makes it look nice. Plus, I like flowy shirts in general, even if I don't own very many.

_Jojo_s avatar _Jojo_ No Way +2Reply

The style's called high-low? My friends and I just call these clothes mullet shirts and dresses.

Anonymous +2Reply

Is that urban outfitters shit?

This outfit is cute, but normally I would hate that style of shirt. The high low skirts bother me too.

Pugs avatar Pug Yeah You Are +1Reply

I feel like all the girls at my school who don't dress extremely casual dress like the girl in this picture. It drives me nuts how so many girls copy each other when it comes to clothes, shoes, ect.

Hot topic sells these kind of shirts and I HATE them. They look ridiculous on me but I think the model did it right with her shorts.

mirandaamirites avatar mirandaamirite Yeah You Are 0Reply

Hahaha I have that shirt!

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