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And a...hmm smiliesomething something...if you don't mind...something else.

KirstenAnns avatar KirstenAnn Yeah You Are +69Reply

Imma pet a porcupine...with my penis.

eldoritos avatar eldorito Yeah You Are +57Reply

Am I supposed to take this sexually, or...

@ihearandomusic Am I supposed to take this sexually, or...

No...Do you find yourself thinking about animals sexually often or...

Anonymous +86Reply

And every girl is down to fuck as long as you don't mind illegally buying a gun

So... You can't pet animals at a zoo if you're a feline? Understandably.
I feel like I'm missing something here.

Sezs avatar Sez Yeah You Are 0Reply

If you're petting the animal's pussies however... that's a whole other story.

Then there is probably some licking involved. yum smilie

PrettyKittys avatar PrettyKitty Yeah You Are -3Reply

So either I get to pet the lions, tigers, and other big cats at the zoo and NOT be a pussy >..^< or i don't get to pet the big cats at the zoo but I WILL BE a pussy >..^<

Favvkess avatar Favvkes Yeah You Are -3Reply
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