The whole "i love boobies" campaign for breast cancer is vuglar and completely beside the point. Society should be supporting the cause because these people have CANCER, not because they have tits. amirite?

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Pedo_Cats avatar Pedo_Cat No Way +12Reply

Sometimes it's not about what people do, it's about why they do it.

I'm sure all those teenage guys really care about breast cancer and they're not just wearing them because it says 'boobies' on it. (Now I'm not saying they all do it for immature reasons, because I know there are some who genuinely care.)

Here's a fact for you: the money people are spending on them? Exactly zero of it is actually going to research. The money basically goes to spreading the word about it, which is great, but it's the most known form of cancer out there. We should get past the "raising awareness" stage and actually DO something about it instead of buying a bracelet that does nothing to actively help the cause its trying to support.

brunetterox915s avatar brunetterox915 Yeah You Are +19Reply

I've always thought it was a little weird when people wear "I love boobies" bracelets because their grandma or someone had breast cancer

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It's not a huge issue, but it is pretty obvious that we're trying to market "saving the boobs" and not the people. But, some money still goes to helping these people out, so I can't complain.

sparesecondss avatar spareseconds Yeah You Are +1Reply

I agree but it's better then what's going on in my town right now:
People donated their old USED bras and the bras have been hung up all over town. Yes the bank donated $1 for every bra donated, but did they have to put them on display?
I did not ever want to see dirty stretched out bras hung up in store windows or strung from the light posts, but there they are.
At least I can be thankful they weren't trying to promote cervical cancer...

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It would be a sad day if all the boobies were gone. And if the person gets saved at the same time that's like a 2 for 1 special

It doesn't matter why they are doing it, at least they are doing it.

names avatar name No Way -3Reply
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