The whole thing about making abortion illegal really stupid considering ""pro life"" is mostly supported by religion. That's almost always people's reasons for thinking it should be illegal, their beliefs..not everyone in the country is religious. I don't think laws should be made based on religion, I think it should be the girls choice no one else's. It's her body and her choices that got her in the situation so let her choose, amirite?

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I'm pro-choice, but I see plenty of pro-life arguments that have nothing to do with God.

You don't need God to tell you taking innocent human life for mere inconvenience, when YOU decided to have sex knowing the risks, is morally unsound and selfish.

Rape and incest account for TWO percent of abortions. We live in a sad world.

Well if they don't believe in it because of their religion, that's okay. I mean if they believe it, they should vote that way. So unless religion was wiped out entirely, it would always be influential in politics.

So if I weren't religious, it would be okay for me to steal and kill people because those are two of the 10 Commandments, and I'm not religious. It's my choice to do these things.

i think someone needs a dictionary, amirite? and they need to stop using the typical "pro-life/pro-choice, immigration laws, legalization of marijuana, gun laws, beating the dead horse" BS. i think the world has more and more important issues than that.