YOLO isn't going out every night getting drunk, nor is it having "swag". The true meaning of YOLO is jumping from space. Amirite?

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Took him long enough to get there. un smilie

StickCavemans avatar StickCaveman Yeah You Are +7Reply

Anyone ever get that dream where they're falling forever? Imagine that in real life. It's like the dude was living a dream.

YouTube video thumbnail YOLO~!

Lens avatar Len Yeah You Are +3Reply
@Len YOLO~!

This guy is just as amazing as Felix :) It's people like them who show true bravery and balls and awesomeness.

Mayas avatar Maya Yeah You Are +1Reply

This deserves to be POTD.

Cpt_McMuffins avatar Cpt_McMuffin Yeah You Are 0Reply
@Cpt_McMuffin This deserves to be POTD.

There's a button for that Why thank you :)

Mayas avatar Maya Yeah You Are +1Reply
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