It's stupid to say that Earth is insignificant due to size, Earth is home to amazing creatures, finding creatures on par with the complexities of them isn't a walk in the Milky Way, so perhaps not in the entire universe as a whole, but in a large area around ourselves, we're a pretty damn big deal especially for such a small planet, amirite?

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Significant=/= amazing. It is amazing that an ant can lift 10x its weight, but a single ant is still insignificant. If Earth were to suddenly disappear form the universe, no one other than us would notice. The universe would carry on more or less as it would have with us (out of the trillions of planets, how many could we ever possibly visit?).

It's all relative.

I hope you can see this post for it's concept and not wording, I'm very tired but I have to post things when I think of them or I overthink them and they never get posted. wary smilie

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