It's stupid how if you actually make an effort to exercise regularly and avoid junk food, you can get labelled as a "health freak" like it's a bad thing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to look after your body and be healthy and with the amount of overweight/obese people in the world, it seems like more people need to try it. amirite?

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A friend of mine is 5 ft 4 and 130 lbs., she wants to lose 10 more pounds. She posted a picture of her progress on facebook and said "Almost at my goal! Only 10 more pounds!" People were saying things like "Uhhh I'd stop NOW" and "You're getting dangerously skinny, you need to stop." Then when someone stood up for her and said "Sorry, but I don't think she's dangerously skinny. I'm thinner than her and I'm quite healthy, thank you. You all should be supporting her choice to be healthy"... my God... the backlash, THE BACKLASH!! D:

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@Frank_n_Furter A friend of mine is 5 ft 4 and 130 lbs., she wants to lose 10 more pounds. She posted a picture of her progress on...

I am in the same situation as her, I want to lose 10 more kilogram's (already lost 15) and am doing so healthily. People tell me I'm becoming 'too skinny' and I should stop, while I am just a small on top and medium on my bottom. 5 kilograms would be at most one size smaller.

These are the same people that told me I was fat and unhealthy in the first place. Never let others define your beauty and health. Unless it's a doctor for the last..

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Last year I worked out 4 times a week and I wouldn't eat unhealthy food (I've become more lax this year since I've dropped most of the weight), and my friend would always tell me to eat junk food once, it wouldn't hurt me. But the thing is that when you're already eating healthy food, you don't even want junk food after a while

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I don't know anyone who would consider this being a health nut...That kind of people don't just exercise regularly and avoid junk food. They make being healthy a hobby and sometimes treat it like a career and a way of life when being healthy only requires minor attention towards consumption and fitness.

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