Don't you hate it when you do something accidentally and you hesitate for a second, but someone takes it as you not having manners. For example, if you spill something and the second you are going to clean it up someone says "Aren't you going to clean that?" So they make it seem like you were only cleaning it because they told you to, amirite?

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My mom does this to me all the time!!!! Pisses me the fuck off. I'll be like outside unlocking the door and as soon as I get it open she says "you're not going to say hello?"

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This is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. It's like when I'm on the subway, and one thing I can't stand is when people are inconsiderate about where they stand. One morning I got on and it was pretty crowded, I just stayed near the door, and was intending to step off at each stop to let whoever off. But some guy behind me prodded me and told me to move inside and that I was being inconsiderate to the other passengers for standing by the door! Grrrrrrr. Another time it happened with someone telling me to step off and make way when I was just about to. GRRRRRRRRRR

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This exact situation happened with my ex's mom. It sucked cuz I didn't know where any of her sponges or cleaning products were then she gave me like .7 seconds to respond before sighing and cleaning it herself.

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