When people travel to another country just to stay in a hotel and eat food from home, thats really dumb, amirite?

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I just took the SAT's today and I immediately thought "The correct change would be, 'It's really dumb when people travel to another country just to stay in a hotel and eat food from home.' "

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That's because my story didn't have people on the edge of their seat. I mean, you took the SAT's today, but what did you do before that? How'd you end up in that spot? Were you scared? Nervous? DON'T LEAVE US OUT OF YOUR FANTASTIC LIFE

But people go for different reasons. For example, i wouldn't go to Italy for the food, because I'm a picky eater.
Some people may go solely for the food.
And for some people, staying in the hotel room all day is fun for them.

To each their own.

To each his own.

Yeah the problem with this post is that it assumes if we go to a place we should be eating the local food. It's possible that some travelers are concerned about eating exotic food because it might give them an upset stomach (very common), or they have some other reaction to it. And more importantly, I think people mainly go places to see landmarks, famous places etc. So I don't think it's "dumb" as you say to perhaps just eat at the hotel.

I went to Italy 6 years ago and I didn't eat exotic food or food I can't normally find in my country. Surprisingly I could never get a pizza.

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