They should make public smartphone payphones. Pay $.50 to make a call, look up directions, text someone, send an email, etc, amirite?

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Wouldn't someone be tempted to steal it? Unless it was built into something it would seem like an easy target. It probably could be shut off/tracked so they could catch the perp. I keep thinking "What if someone used it to harass someone via text?" but what's stopping a person from calling someone via a payphone and harassing them? Seems like a plausible idea.

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Internet cafe much?

Similar things do exist in the city nearest where I live, there are maps, directions, and e-mail capabilities on them, as well as things like bus and train routes and times, weather reports and local and national news, I'm not certain if the e-mails are free but I know everything else is, the e-mails tend to get send into someone's spam box though.
They also sell monophonic ringtones, so I shouldn't imagine the idea is too new to be honest, I'm surprised more places don't have them.

It'd be cooler if they had like public walls with touch screen tablets built into them for the internet and a payphone right next to it.

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