You know, people always write about how naive they were a year or two ago. In reality, their knowledge hasn't changed that much. Your mind just tends to forget all the smart and intelligent stuff you thought about, and remembers the stupid things you did that embarrass you. You can't gain that much knowledge in just a year or two to justify how naive you think you were compared to now. We seriously sometimes don't give ourselves enough credit, amirite?

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Its true that you might have thought & forgotten about a lot of really intelligent things, but I also think that a year or two is enough time to gain a great amount of knowledge and/or experience.

You're right that people remember the stupid and embarrassing things more, you're wrong that that's why people think they were naive two years ago. This really only occurs in young people, and it't because of at the rate the brain developing, a lot of developing happens in two years.

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