There are no new ideas, just newly tweaked ideas, amirite?

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Okay so we should take all the ketchup in the world, I'm not talking a lot of ketchup, I'm talking ALL the ketchup, and mix it with some chemicals and shit to make it green. You following me here? We need all ketchup to be green ketchup. And I don't want it done with food coloring or natural shit, I'm saying chemicals. Then what we need to do is take all this green deadly ketchup and send it to Al Qaeda. We can send it to them under the alias "Al Qaeda luver number won". Don't question it. They'll only accept it if it's under that name. We tell them it's some new kind of Al Qaeda sauce that tastes delicious with Al Qaeda food. Don't worry, they'll totally believe it. Then they all cover their food in it and boom, no more Al Qaeda. It may not make sense, but hey, it's new.

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