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But no one likes that shopping cart

You mean I would be going in only... looks left looks right ONE DIRECTION?

I'm not even sorry

justfuckmeups avatar justfuckmeup Yeah You Are +30Reply

But everyone gives up on that shopping cart. And if they don't, that just means they were able to push it in their desired direction.

Mtrenchies avatar Mtrenchie Yeah You Are +7Reply

Yes, but you shouldn't be stubborn just for the sake of being stubborn. Compromising and being influenced by others definitely isn't always a bad thing.

I appreciate the point of this post, but when I get that shopping cart and I an't go more than 30 feet straight, I lift it up and ram it back in the trolley bay. I probably seem like the manager who fires the guy who doesn't go along without question, and ensures that he ends up right back where he started.

B10ckH34ds avatar B10ckH34d Yeah You Are +3Reply

Well said.
Hopefully, it's not the squeaky shopping cart though. Hehe

Witty_sobs avatar Witty_sob Yeah You Are 0Reply

That was some deep shit man...not shallow like the my profile picture