The biggest difference between high school and college is learning how to manage all your free time, amirite?

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In high school, i had no free time whatsoever. It was sport, club meetings, job, volunteering work homework sleep in some combination everyday. Now that I'm in college and not working, its just like, hmm so now what? Saving grace: Netflix

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What do you mean?

@PurpleGumDrop What do you mean?

In high school, you're in school for 35 hours a week. In college, you're in classes for 12-18 hours (if you're a full time student). You have a lot of free time, if you think about it.

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I'm still working on that.

What is this free time you speak of. So much homework.

Yeah, that's one of the things I'm kind of uneasy about in college. :P I'm a really slow reader, too, so I feel like my work will take way longer than it will for other people. :P But it will be nice to have classes at different times of the day when one might be more productive.

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