It'd be interesting to see how people would live through their unwanted pregnancy if they could not abort their child (as in it being literally impossible to get rid of the child, no matter their actions barring the death of the woman they will have to carry the child, alcohol and such would still have a negative effect on the child but not the death of the child), amirite?

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I'd like to think they would support it as best as they could, then give it up for adoption or something.

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The post said it would be literally impossible for the mother to abort the baby, aka coat hanger is not an option.

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Hmm not sure, because he just said unwanted pregnancy so I think putting the child up for adoption would still be optional after it was born.

People would probably have more money issues, debt, protected sex and less of it (which isn't as fun) and family problems frown smilie

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It would cramp a lot of people's social lives ... and make for some interesting relationships developing/ending/getting complicated etc

Seeing a pissed off pregnant woman is definitely NOT interesting. Trust me, one tried to spray Raid in my eyes.

When all else fails, go manual. Surgically cut open the uterus, remove the amniotic sac, foetus, and placenta, the sew everything back. It'll be messy, but if you really wanted to get rid of the baby, there's still a way.

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Let's say that right this very moment, abortion was made physically impossible. That is, people still know about it and what it is, and people have had it done before, but now just all of a sudden it's not possible anymore. And there's a woman who gets pregnant, but doesn't want the baby. Normally she would opt for abortion, but she can't.

After going through the unwanted pregnancy, giving birth to the child, and holding it/spending time with it in the brief amount of time she is in the hospital, would she change her mind? I wonder if her interaction with her child would make her realize that she's really glad she couldn't get an abortion, and would be happy raising the child as if she purposely got pregnant.

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