With few exceptions you're fine with advertisements on the Internet because they allow a lot of the sites you use, if not all of them, to be free, amirite?

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I only agree cause I use an ad blocker.

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@fuzala http://amirite.com/774435-all-t...in-the/1958622

Still not deleting adblock. For one, as far as I know, advertisers pay based on how many visits a site obtains and maybe more if anyone clicks their ad. So it shouldn't really matter whether I have it or not.

Secondly, if amirite were forced to shut down because I'm not seeing its ads and it's therefore not gaining revenue from me, so be it. Honestly, some sites aren't worth visiting when they're shoved full of annoying advertisements.

And one final point... the previous owner of this site used/uses adblock. Judging by this, I would assume he loses no revenue on his websites from people with adblock.


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There have been times where I've gotten an ad that wouldn't end, couldn't be muted and took me forever to even locate on the page, that was not alright, thus why I said with few exceptions. But that sort of thing is extremely uncommon in my experience.
This post is more or less aimed towards those who complain about pre-roll ads on YouTube and/or the random ads on the sides of a Facebook page.

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