Whoever thought of toilets first must have had a hard time marketing the idea. "Sir, I have had the most brilliant notion! A device that allows one to defecate in the home!" "Defecate in the home? Samuel, are you a witch?", amirite?

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In honor of Axolotl <3

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@In honor of?

I mean why?

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@In honor of?

Because Axolotl wanted me to post this since he was unable to

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Doubt it. Before the toilet, at least in cities, they were crapping in a pot located in the house and throwing the contents out the window into the street since that was also where horse dung was.

What I imagine was harder for people to wrap their heads around though, was that they needed running water in the house to work, and if I'm not mistaken, that was scarce for most.

I'm writing this from memory of a history channel show about sanitation, so I apologize if some of this is inaccurate.

@scojo Stop typing with your forehead.

Its youre, stipod. Stup flamin ma posts wif ure atupid commints n get a life!!!!!!111

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I think the first toilet (water closett, not compost toilet) is actually found in Greece, on the Island of Crete to be exact. It's from ancient times and you can see it in the ruins of the Palace of Knossos :)
Sorry for showing off.. ;) Btw: the palace itself is beautiful and there are Peacocks running around. Pretty awesome.

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