People will hate me for this but Dragonball Z is overrated. I use to watch it too and I still like it but the power levels of the characters are way overdone. They try way too hard to give all these characters incredible power to where they can destroy a planet with 1 finger. This makes a lot of the characters boring. At least in other shows you get better fight choreography instead of random fast punches. It makes all the fights look the same after a while. They just...tried too hard...

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I don't like when someone start off a post by saying that people will hate him for saying this. There's just no reason to say it.

DBZ is still one of my favourite anime, and it's the power levels that I find very amusing. I agree with the reasons in your post, but the power levels are not a bad thing to me. It is still overrated though. Character power doesn't reflect skill of a writer.

If you don't think about it too much, it gives everything a more badass tone, and it's awesome how much characters outclass each other at different points. This would seems like just regular improvements were it not for the planet-busting abilities. Also, some characters can recover from normally fatal blows, such as holes through the chest.

I get the feeling that it was just supposed to be one season liek a where are they now ending to the original Dragonball, because Frieza, one of the weakest now, was the supreme ruler of the universe, and could already destroy a planet. Then it was so good, they kept extending it and has to increase power to ridiculous levels for natural progression and so Goku didn't just own everyone in one hit.

I liked how Goku and Gohan completely fucked up normal people in the late Cell and early Majin Buu sagas. You can't argue that smashing probably bullet proof glass with a poke is not awesome.

Why is this even on the homepage...

I couldn't stand Dragonball Z

it has always rubbed me the wrong way

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