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Wait people are serious about seceding? Wow I didn't realise we had jumped back 150 years into the past.

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Also because they're behaving like five year olds.
"I didn't win so I don't wanna play anymore."

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Correction: "being fed with with a grain of salt"

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don't worry
I added an inspired by

correction: A lot of the people who are petitioning to secede from the country are not looking at the big picture. Some are thinking too short term and need to take the "facts" they are being fed with with a grain of salt. After all, salt brings out the true flavor, amirite?

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Most all of the states should SECEDE because obama is a crap unofficial prez he cheated with his buddy soros on this election and he should be impeached because of Bengahzi, he is a liar and a fraud! The commie unaffordable nazi unhealthy care is a commie system and it is not health care but just government control and we have a lot of idiots who are in the Senate, congreiss and the us supreme court liars and frauds anti-Constitutionalists!

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@fuzala so which part of that do you think are the "facts"?

Obama, that totally worthless, socialist, communistic P.O.S. Looks what he’s done, exactly what he intended to, divide and fuck-up America. What worse there are 51% of voters out there who think he is wonderful? (Well maybe not 51% if you take away about 8% of voters that are illegal, and voted twice) LOL. 1) His ass is now between a rock and a hard place because if the House concedes to cuts and tax increases this will hurt the economy, and won’t be enough for the annual deficit, much less any national dept pay-down of 16 Trillion dollars. Also going to see small and medium size companies laying people off because of the cost of 2013 ObummerCare. Happing right now. 2) If they kept the tax cuts and don’t do huge spending cuts we will see another down grading of our credit and higher inflation, which will cause people to have less money to spend and more layoffs. He (Obama) has got to let oil companies sell their huge reserves of Shale oil and natural gas to Americans and over sea's, and fuck the Middle East muslins losing money from this.

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@fuzala I hope someone with more knowledge on these topics can offer a great rebuttal

I'm not an expert on this but I'm pretty sure Obamacare is paid for by taxes, not companies. Also, it wasn't the tax cuts that downgraded our credit rating, nor was it Obama. It was the House Republicans letting us come within a few hours of defaulting on our debts.

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