The friend zone: because nothing says "I'm the nice guy you've been looking for" by acting like a friendship with them is an undesirable place to be. People want a friendship, not an investment. If all you want is a relationship, they're never going to date you because that makes them feel like a machine you put friendship tokens into until a relationship falls out. Value their friendship and friendship alone, not what you want out of it and you have a chance, amirite?

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"To say “I did so much for her and she won’t go out with me” is to say “I did X for you and now you owe me.”

When you use the argument “You owe me,” you know what you’re saying? “This was not a friendship, this was an investment. I expect you to pay me back 100 fold, or my investment is null and void.”

When women hear the argument “You owe me,” you know what they’re hearing? “Nothing I ever said to you or did for you was honest. It was only true so long as it got me in your pants.”

I wish I could remember where that's from and the rest of it

Of course not all people who get friend zoned also say they're nice, this post applies to those who do. I probably shouldn't have started out the post with "The friend zone:" but oh well.

No wayers: how do you feel when your friendship with someone turns out that they don't value the friendship aspect at all? If you wanna date someone, fine, there's nothing wrong with that. But if you act like someone's friend only to turn around and say I want something more and if I can't have it I don't want anything, you're a bad friend and no wonder they don't want to date you. If the friendship was never really a fri...

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@Frank_n_Furter "To say “I did so much for her and she won’t go out with me” is to say “I did X for you and now you owe...

end ship at all, when the only purpose of being their friend was to serve as an intro to a relationship, you're a shitty person. If a guy wants to date me, he better fucking respect our friendship first. If he doesn't, he would be a terrible boyfriend anyway.

"It's surprising how badly a girl is talked about when she "friendzones" a guy. Oh she used him. She led him on by being nice. But if a guy isn't interested in a girl and the girl doesn't ever shut the fuck up about it, she's an obsessive crazy fucking bitch. "Women are not machines to put niceness tokens into until sex falls out." Acting like being someone's friend is a bad place to be while simultaneously calling them a bitch and a dumbass for not dating you and claiming they only date douche bags kind of conflicts with your whole "nice guy" persona. So instead of acting like a woman only dates douche bags and that's why she doesn't date you, tone down your massive ego and start realizing there are other reasons she isn't interested and being nice to her doesn't mean you deserve anything out of it."

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