Chris Brown could have hit Taylor Swift and still maintained his popularity (although he would never have been dating Taylor Swift in the first place, because it wouldn't fit his image).

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No, I'm pretty sure that if Chris Brown had been dating Taylor Swift and he hit her, his career would have been over and done with on the spot and all her crazy, rabid fans would have hunted him down and chopped his balls off. Everyone hated him for the longest time for beating on Rihanna, and he's been slowly trying to build his career back up ever since, but if he pulled that shit with Taylor Swift? I don't know that there would be a coming back from that. In the public's eye, Taylor is just this country sweetheart, so if anyone ever hit her they would not be welcomed back warmly by anyone. Actually, if he ever hit her, he would be wise to fear for his life and go into hiding for a little while.

Just replace "Taylor Swift" with Justin "Bieber" then it'll all be good

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